Garmin Edge 1000 Motorcycle Computer Review

Are you thinking about purchasing the most premium bike computer on earth - the Garmin Edge 1000 - and thinking about if it’s right for you personally? Here’s an in-depth review that will help you decide, with a desk showing all its features, plus video clips showing how it works.

Update: There’s never been a much better time to get a Garmin Edge 1000 - as a result of introduction of the brand new Garmin Edge 1030, prices on the 1000 are SLASHED - find below for latest cost. Note that the Advantage 1000 used to cost around 600 US us dollars.

The bottom line is, the Garmin Edge 1000 has the vast majority of the top features of its closest competition, the Garmin Advantage 820 - However in a substantially much larger unit (the display is 2 cm taller compared to the Garmin Edge 820 and 520, which will be the same size). In addition, it costs in regards to a hundred dollars a lot more than the Advantage 820. So the obvious dilemma is: Is the Edge 1000 worthy of the extra money? Well, it could just drop to how you are feeling about the larger screen size, and about the two other differences between your 820 and the 1000.

Due to is apparent from the desk, the Garmin Edge 1000 is a good powerhouse of a motorcycle computer which will give you a great deal of information: heartrate, power, speed, cadence, length you have cycled, just how much you have climbed, etc. On top of that, it can connect to a dazzling array of sensors (heartrate monitor, cadence sensor, electricity meter, electric gears, Varia Eyesight and radar, etc.). Therefore, it is suitable for cyclists in training and competitive cyclists. And also for common cyclists who love info!

Unit Size 2.3 x 4.4 x 0.8”

  • (5.8 x 11.2 x 2.0 cm)

Display image resolution, W x H

  • 240 x 400 pixels

Screen size, W x H

  • 3” diagonal


  • Yes

Water rating

  • IPX7 (in a position to withstand immersion in normal water up to at least one 1 m - 3.2 feet - for 30 mins)


  • 4.0 oz (114.5 g)

Battery life

  • Up to 15 hours

Garmin Edge handy remote control support

  • Yes

Round-trip routing (input a good starting point and range, and the Edge will advise up to 3 bike ride options)

  • Yes

Out front mount (and original quarter turn)?

  • Yes


Appropriate for Garmin Varia Vision?

  • Yes

Unit-to-unit transfer (shares data wirelessly with similar models)

  • Yes

Automatic sync (automatically transfers data to your personal computer)

  • Yes

Relive and show your rides with Garmin Connect� (network where you could analyze, categorize and show data)

  • Yes

Appropriate for Strava?

  • Yes, you can link your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts to ensure that rides sync within minutes, and you could download Strava segments to your Garmin bicycle computer

Smartphone Connected features (depends on having a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, and you must install the Garmin Connect mobile phone app on your phone)

  • Yes, Live Monitoring, send/receive courses, workout routines and training plans wirelessly, social mass media sharing, smart notifications (texts and phone calls)

Smart notifications (displays email, text and other alerts from your own phone)

  • Yes

Automatically send your activity to Garmin Connect once you finish recording

  • Yes

Live tracking (allows others to check out your activities instantly, in the event that you invite them)

  • Yes

BlueTooth to hook up wirelessly to smartphone and upload info?

  • Yes

Accepts data cards

  • Yes, including optional recollection card

Cycling and Training Features

Group track?

  • Yes

Training calendar (The calendar on your own device can be an extension of the training calendar or schedule you setup in Garmin Connect. Once you have added a few routines or classes to the Garmin Connect calendar, you can give them to your machine)

  • Yes

Courses (compete keenly against previous activities)

  • Yes (compete keenly against your previous period by entering the % you would like to improve by, then competition your virtual spouse; or enter a shorter time that you want to achieve)

Virtual Partner� (train against an electronic person)

  • Yes

Advanced workouts (create personalized, goal-oriented workouts)

  • Yes

Advanced training features

Advanced overall performance and power analysis (when you are employing a heart rate keep an eye on and a power meter), including VO2 max, Restoration Period Advisor, and FTP (Practical Threshold Power) tracking

Time/length alert (triggers alarm when you reach goal)

  • Yes

Interval training (setup training and rest intervals)

  • Yes

Garmin Connect Real-Time segments

  • Yes

Heart rate-based calorie computation

  • Yes

Optional heartrate, speed/cadence and power meter?

  • Yes

Can add a third-get together compatible ANT+ sensor while a power meter?

  • Yes

Could be paired with wi-fi ANT+ Heart Rate monitor?

  • Yes

Bike speed/cadence sensor

  • Yes

Shimano Di2 gearing data

  • Yes

Activity profiles - store choices for different cycling actions (For example, you can create another activity profile for training, for racing, and for mountain biking. The experience profile includes custom-made data internet pages, activity totals, alerts, training zones (such as heartrate and speed), training settings (such as Auto Pause and Automobile Lap, and navigation adjustments)

  • Yes

Vehicle Scroll (cycles through info pages during workout)

  • Yes

Maps and Navigation

GPS enabled? (this can be a Global Positioning System, the US satellite navigation system)

  • Yes

GLONASS enabled? (this is actually the GLObal NAVigation Satellite Program, the Russian satellite navigation program)

  • Yes

Distance, swiftness, ascent/descent and Gps navigation position

  • Yes


  • Yes, once you select a location, it’ll guide you to that location

Turn-by-turn guidance?

  • Yes, as being a car GPS, it’ll warn you a switch is coming, and let you know when to turn (with text and a beep)

Preloaded basemap?

  • Yes

Ability to put maps, such as optional Town Navigator� maps or topographical maps?

  • Yes

Live tracking

  • Yes

Sights (POIs) specifically for cyclists

  • Yes

Plan and download new routes to check out (a route is a good sequence of waypoints that leads you to your last destination)

  • Yes

Barometric altimeter (to let you know your elevation)

  • Yes

Temperature (displays and information temperature while you ride)

  • Yes

Memory on unit

  • 8 GB storage (= 200 hours history; 100 courses; 200 waypoints; LOTS of maps). Memory can be supplemented with a micro SD-card to include extra maps

As being is apparent from the table, the Garmin Edge 1000 is a good powerhouse of a bike computer that may give you a great deal of information: heart rate, power, speed, cadence, length you have cycled, just how much you have climbed, etc. On top of that, it can connect to a dazzling selection of sensors (heartrate monitor, cadence sensor, electric power meter, electronic gears, Varia Perspective and radar, etc.). Subsequently, it is ideal for cyclists in training and competitive cyclists. And in addition for standard cyclists who love data!

The Garmin Edge 1000 offers automatic, wireless data uploads via Bluetooth and an application on your smartphone. As soon as you upload your computer data to your Garmin Connect app, it’ll then sync within minutes with your connected Strava account (assuming you have one). It also offers live monitoring - which basically means that people can keep an eye on what your location is (but only if you invite them to).

The Garmin Edge 1000 may be the biggest of all the Garmin Edge motorcycle computers, with a screen that’s very simple to see. It really is 2 cm taller compared to the Edge 820.

The Edge 1000 will record where you have been and show you how exactly to go someplace else. And it offers all types of features and training metrics that will help you make your bike training far better and structured.

Like all Garmin Edge bike computers, the 1000 is a rugged bike computer that may endure wind, rainfall, snow, mud and tough use. The only time I have ever broken a Garmin Advantage was when I accidentally took it scuba diving down to 100 foot (I forgot it was in my pocket).

A Garmin Edge Motorcycle Computer will Continue to Work following the Temperature Hits Freezing

A Garmin Edge cycle computer will continue performing when the heat sinks below freezing - it is stated in order to function from -20C to +55C (-4C to +131C). On the other hand, an iPhone will speedily use up its battery and die you if the heat range goes below freezing (this has happened certainly to me twice recently). This ensures that if you train in intense conditions, a Garmin Edge bike pc will be better for you than an iPhone with a cycling app.

Touchscreen Navigation

The Garmin Edge 1000 offers touchscreen navigation, which many users find to become a huge step up from button-operated bicycle computers. It really may be simpler to operate for users who’ve become familiar with the intuitive ease of touchscreen operation.

Garmin Cycling Dynamics

The Garmin Edge 1000 offers Support for Garmin Cycling Dynamics. This is a more in depth set of metrics for many who have dual-sending Garmin Vector vitality meters. Vector is definitely Garmin’s pedal-based electric power meter that methods total electricity, cadence and kept/right balance. It offers Power Period (PP) and Platform Center Offset (PCO).

The Garmin Cycling Dynamics metrics include information such as for example where in the pedal stroke you apply the most force, plus seated time and standing time, and so forth. You can include these data shows to your product. Unlike the other Garmin Edge bike computers, the 1000 permits you to include a focused Cycling Dynamics page with a more graphical watch of the metrics. Following the drive, you can analysis these metrics in the ride summary, in addition to online after the ride is uploaded.

Garmin Varia Vision Connectivity

The Garmin Edge 1000 is among the few bike computers in the world that can hook up to the Garmin Varia Eyesight. The Garmin Varia Vision is an extremely slick, well-built Heads Up Machine that permits you to read the info on your own Garmin Edge bike pc without needing to take your eye off the street. It fits very easily to your cycling eyeglasses, and is light weight. Evidently, for cyclists you cycle at speed, it may be an important safety device.

Shimano Di2 gearing information

The Edge 1000 can show you Shimano Di2 gearing information. This ensures that assuming you have Di2 Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2, or Ultegra 6770, you can purchase a $60 Shimano cellular transmitter to plug into it, to monitor your digital gears. The machine will transmit gearing info (privately) via ANT to the Edge 1000. So you reach see which gear you are in, shown on your unit.

This information will give you a brand new metric to analyze. It might well offer you ideas about how to boost your performance, if for example you discover that the reason you have fatigued at the halfway mark of your most current ride was because you’d not shifted in to the most efficient gear in good period. Consequently, this information can help advanced cyclists seeking to elevate their cycling velocity and skills even more.

Garmin Connect Real-Time segments

Garmin Connect Real-Period segments could be downloaded to the Border 1000.

These segments are actually clever and useful. You download the desired segment to your Edge 1000. Typically it’s an extremely short course that people prefer to compete on (nearly). As you methodology the beginning of the training, the Edge 1000 offers you a Countdown, and then says wet! As you cycle along the training, the Advantage 1000 keeps you regularly informed concerning how you do. For instance, you have 500 legs to choose, and you are 8 secs behind the segment head - can you pump up the energy and own the lessons?

You can decide to compete keenly against overall segment leaders, or against your own connections. The second choice could be preferable if you live in a location with a lot of cyclists who will be more quickly than you, and don’t prefer to regularly lose! You might even move out of the right path to cultivate a whole lot of connections at an identical level to you, in order that you have a good chance in the competition. Personally, I hate being beaten continuously, therefore i prefer that option. Even so, I know that the majority of the persons who buy the Edge 1000 will be elite sportsmen, and for them, competing against the quickest and the ideal will surely be a great training option.

Strava Interconnection and Segments together with your Edge 1000

In response to user requests, Garmin connected up with Strava (which many believe to be the very best cycling software going. I agree, and I like it so much I possibly bought the premium variant, instead of sticking to the free version). Browse more about Strava here. If you have the high quality edition of Strava, you can download Strava segments to your Garmin Border, and use them to include some fun and determination to your bicycle rides.

There are much more Strava segments than Garmin Connect segments. And there are a lot more people using Strava, which means you have a larger community. For example, I could give kudos to a pal who lives virtually on the far side of the environment via Strava, and she regularly gives me kudos too. I like that. Also, I find the Strava user interface much cleaner, simpler and user-friendly compared to the Garmin Connect user interface. You can even upload photographs of your ride!

For example, for the trip below, I uploaded a image to my Strava record of the drive. When you go through the ride, you initial just visit a map of the ride with a little photo icon. But if you click on the picture icon, the photo arises, reminding you which drive that was. THAT I do find beneficial - I rely a lot on external storage disks these days!

Garmin Edge Handy Remote Control Support

The Garmin Edge 1000 offers support for a tiny Garmin remote control with three buttons. One is for marking laps; one is usually for scrolling between data pages as you drive; and the third can be programmed for a function that you locate significant. You can attach this to your handlebars in the same way you attach your Garmin - and you don’t need to worry much about rain or batteries, since it is definitely waterproof to 165 feet and the electric battery should last for over a time.

Why would you will want remote control? Principally, these will be useful for those doing intense biking (such as for example downhill mountain biking) who cannot manage to have their hands off the handlebars. Consequently, this remote control can be very beneficial for cyclists who are training hard. The Garmin Border Remote control will expense you a supplementary $50.

The Garmin Border 1000 has all the navigation features of the Garmin Border Touring (reviewed here) - that was a revolutionary upgrade in navigation on bike computers. The maps on the Garmin Edge 1000 are excellent. The preloaded Garmin Routine Maps include OSM (Open Street Map) content material, offering on-street and off-highway navigation and sights, and address search. Map updates are no cost, and the maps happen to be stored on the unit, so you don’t need to be connected to use them.

Just like the Garmin Edge Touring and the Garmin Edge 820 (reviewed below), the turn-by-flip navigation directions are great on the Edge 1000. And as with the Touring unit, you will be alerted by beeps and a countdown whenever a turn is approaching. As with an automobile GPS, your upcoming way is normally highlighted, and the machine will recalculate in the event that you deviate from the route it has prepared (or you have prepared).

Like the Advantage Touring, the Edge 1000 offers circular trip routing (you tell it you intend to get a 30 mile ride, and it implies three possible routes you could attempt). Clearly, this could be fun for cyclists wanting to put some range into their training rides. Go for a ride on the wild side!

So, with the Border 1000 you get both excellent training features and excellent built-found in maps and navigation features.

Physical Areas of the Garmin Edge 1000

The Edge 1000 includes a new, larger, high res full color screen. It really is significantly taller than all the bike pcs, and looks far more like a pc or smartphone, as a result of the clean overall look and the icons. The Border 1000 includes a 240 x 400 pixel display, that i find very simple to see. That is especially significant if you are using maps.

As with a good phone, you can flip the Edge 1000 to a horizontal (scenery) display. This might not really seem like a big deal - but I believe it really supports witnessing the maps better. The Edge 1000 may be the only Garmin Advantage bike computer which can be seen in landscape mode. This is actually the Border 1000 in landscape setting, showing off the icon-based interface.

Wi-Fi on the Garmin Border 1000

A very useful upgrade with the Advantage 1000 is that you can setup Wi-Fi hot locations where it’ll automatically sync wirelessly (using IOS or Android). You can use Garmin Exhibit on your computer to create multiple Wi-Fi networks to connect to, as well as up to three recommended networks.

Satellite Acquisition with the Garmin Edge 1000

The Advantage 1000 finds satellites really fast - not at all something you can say about a few of other Garmin Advantage models. This may be the most important upgrade on the Border 1000 for most people. There may be few Garmin Border owners who have not viewed with fascinated horror as their machine sometimes occupies to five or six blocks to finally discover a satellite. The Edge 1000 eliminates this issue by downloading satellite data ahead of time, to ensure that satellite acquisition will take mere seconds - blisteringly quickly for a bike pc (even though routine on an automobile GPS).

Another reason the Edge 1000 acquires satellites faster than the 810 is basically because it supports GPS and GLONASS as well, while the 810 sole supports GPS. GPS navigation and GLONASS are simply just different kinds of satellite devices - the GPS originated by the united states, and the GLONASS is Russian. Communicating with an increase of satellites enables the Edge 1000 to secure to a satellite signal much faster.

Connected Features on the Garmin Edge 1000

This bike computer offers a full range of connected features, including incoming call and text alerts, live tracking, sending/receiving courses, social media sharing, and weather updates. Because of this, the Edge 1000 is quite helpful for cyclists who function in a time-sensitive organization environment. Note that this is merely IOS compatible, not Android compatible. Also, you cannot answer phone calls or texts on the motorcycle computer - you nevertheless still need your mobile for that. But at least when there is a important message you are waiting for, you will understand it is there and may deal with it if you want to.

Routines on the Garmin Advantage 1000

The Edge 1000 is the only Edge bicycle computer to give a training calendar. You can method and schedule advanced routines on Garmin Connect, after that download them to your training calendar on your own unit.

Bottom Line on the Garmin Border 1000 Review

Much like all major buys, it boils down to the thing you need and want.

It is sharp that the Garmin Advantage 1000 bike computer presents a wide array of features and ease of use. Consequently, if you actually need both high-end training metrics and high-end maps and navigation, connection with every practical sensor, wise notifications, and the ease of use that comes with a big, color screen, then the Garmin Edge Bike Pc 1000 is clearly the proper bike pc for you. The major difference between the Edge 1000 and the Border 820 is that it is much easier to see the maps on the 1000, because of the larger display screen and the optional landscape mode.

Likewise, if the speed of satellite acquisition is vital that you you, and you could afford to cover a bike computer that finds satellites with blistering speed, then your Garmin Edge 1000 should cause you to happy.