BionX Electric Bike Kit

This is an in-depth overview of BionX electric bike kits, plus information about the different kits that are offered. The top quality BionX electric cycle kits can be retrofitted to nearly every bike, turning an ordinary bike into a power bike in under an hour! The BionX motor comes already laced right into a rear steering wheel (BionX does not perform front-wheel drive). Steering wheel sizes are 20, 24, 26 inch, and 700 cc.

The BionX electric motorcycle kits are best suited to hybrid bikes, but have emerged on an incredible variety of bikes these days. The kits have a two-time factory warranty. I’ve had great effects with fitting them to hybrid bikes.

Direct Drive Gearless Engine in BionX Electrical Bike Kit

The motor in BionX electric bike kits is robust, immediate drive, gearless, fairly boxy and heavy, but absolutely silent. In a world filled with generic electric bike products, BionX may be the undisputed leader in quality. I’ve never but had a kit fail on me - possibly after cycling through snow, and torrential downpours as well.

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The battery of the BionX electric bike kits is often mounted in the triangle of the frame, producing for a well-balanced bike and an excellent bike-riding feel. The complete system is integrated, which is great when it gets results (and it more often than not does). Even so, you cannot replace parts with non-proprietary parts. So you will always have to pay BionX’s fairly high prices if you would like to replace parts. And you may not have the ability to hot-rod the BionX kit in any way.

The battery of the BionX electric bike kits is normally mounted in the triangle of the frame, producing for a well-balanced bike and an excellent bike-riding feel. This retro bicycle was featured on Electric Bike Report.

However, even though BionX electric powered bike kits are expensive, in case you are retrofitting a BionX kit to your existing bike, it will be about the same value as, or cheaper than, buying one of the beautiful new factory electric power bikes (including the Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro, reviewed here). And in the event that you decide you do not need electric assistance any longer, you can just take away the BionX package. Although, to come to be fair, I’ve never heard about anyone performing this. Once you choose electric, you never look back (except perhaps to take pleasure from the impressed faces of the younger cyclists you just passed).

A great benefit of electric powered bikes is that couples with varying cycling expertise can do bicycle tours together. Here’s a photo from a tour Maggie and I did so on Vancouver Island - one of us used a normal bike, and one of employed a Devinci Rio with a BionX assist.

Pre-fitted BionX Electric Bicycle Kits

BionX electric bike devices were primary introduced over a decade ago as purely a retrofit product for just about any bike, but in modern times BionX in addition has teamed up with a large number of quality bike suppliers in Europe and THE UNITED STATES, so that you can purchase a new motorcycle with a BionX program pre-fitted. Included in these are great makes like Trek, Norco, Matra and Wheeler.

The Components of the BionX Electric Bicycle Kit

The BionX electric bicycle kit is indeed versatile that it can be fitted to almost any bike frame, including smaller bikes and folding bikes. One restriction is normally that the BionX e-bike devices are only appropriate for 135 mm axle sizes.

The BionX electric bicycle kit contains a handlebar-mounted console, a power electric motor in the hub of the rear wheel (hub electric motor), and a lithium ion battery pack which can be easily removed for charging. Not to mention, there is cabling to connect all the components. See near the bottom of the post for the excess fat of the various systems.

The BionX electric cycle kit also offers a lot of preference in terms of power levels. You utilize the handlebar-mounted system to select level of help. It offers four levels of proportional torque help via a motor included in the hub of the trunk wheel, so that you can use as many (or only a small amount) assistance as you like. It is predicated on a pedelec system, matching your pedalling type with electric aid. The advanced pedelec program does not just sense that you are pedaling; in addition, it senses how hard you are pedaling (how much ability or torque you will be expending), using a torque sensor on the rear axle. It suits its assistance based on that (and on the assistance level you’ve chosen).

You can put a BionX electric bike kit on almost any type of bike - here is one on a Surly moonlander with Bionx motor from NYCeWheels in NY

BionX electric bike products are simply perfect for many people. For instance, they are well suited for anyone who is challenged while cycling (because of knee problems, heart problems, etc.). BionX electric cycle kits offer a way to keep on cycling for those with challenges, in addition to a way for completely able-boded persons to take on extremely complicated rides and commutes. It’s also most suitable if you want to tow a load of goods, or children. And I came across it useful for longer bicycle tours, carrying a whole lot of luggage.

When I initially used that BionX electric power bike kit, it was like most my childhood dreams to be a superhero had finally come true. A champion professional rider’s average speed over a two-hour drive can be 20.5 mph. That’s almost precisely the legal top quickness of electric bikes. On a bicycle drive, champion cyclists expend about 3730watts of vitality, continuously. Most electric cycle motors operate consistently in the range of 300 to 600 watts.

So basically, most electric powered bikes will allow you to get right up hills just like a champion!

BionX offers you this sort of power in a good silent, vibration-free motor. Because of the light-weight and silence of the electric motor, you really do feel just like you are riding an ordinary (somewhat heavy) motorcycle - except that you are suddenly bionically strong!

Deciding which electric motorcycle is the better electric bike for you personally is not easy - and it’s important that you make the right choice, because it could be a big purchase. I’ve written a reserve about how to opt for the best electric motorcycle for you personally. The book includes evaluations of several of the greatest electric bikes available today.

How to Use a BionX Electric Bike Kit

Here’s a video that shows what’s associated with retrofitting a BionX package to your bike. That can be done it yourself, or acquire your neighborhood bike shop to do it for you. It requires about an hour and will cost you about $100, in the event that you get yourself a qualified bike store to do it.

Lithium Batteries

Every BionX electric motorcycle system includes a the best quality lithium ion battery, and also a charger. One drawback with these electric powered bike systems is a substitute (or extra) electric battery is very expensive. Alternatively, if you take proper care of your electric battery, it will last you for a long time.

Throttle in the BionX Electric Bike System

This does not appear to be much, but it is really among the better quality throttles. It consists of a tiny switch, which responds structured how hard you contact it. You can mount it proper next to your still left or your right thumb (most electric motorcycle systems don’t offer you this decision). The throttle is just ideal for pulling off on a hill, or for a supplementary burst of speed if you suddenly have to get clear of traffic.

Just next to the throttle is a switch to change assistance levels. It is great in order to adjust power amounts on the fly without going your hands. You may be impressed at how convenient this is.

Regenerative Braking

BionX is one of the hardly any brands of electric motorcycle systems to offer regenerative braking. These can save you some energy and help to slow you down on steep downhills. They will keep your brakes neat, and support your brake pads to go longer. The system works well, kicking in the next you apply brakes.

The BionX electric cycle kit offers regenerative braking - very rare within an electric bike

However, it really is my experience that the energy gain from regeneration is certainly pretty negligible, even about these high quality BionX electric motorcycle systems. Be aware that possibly the hi-tech regeneration on electric power cars gains significantly less than 10% of the initial charge. Consequently, this will most likely not assist you to much if you don’t have an exceedingly hilly route. Even then, the savings may be more on your brakes than on your battery expenditure.

Note that just while there are 4 degrees of assistance found in the A (assistance setting) additionally, there are 4 degrees of assistance found in the G (Generate) function. I have to say that I really do in fact get the 4 differing degrees of regeneration quite useful, especially on extremely hilly terrain. It really is great in order to engage the highest level of regeneration and really slow the cycle down on steep descents, or just engage the lowest degree of regeneration to slow down approaching a crimson light.

Range of BionX Systems

A few years ago BionX was obtainable only in 250W and 350W systems. Nowadays it features 250W, a complete selection of 350 systems, plus the new BionX 500 that’s combined with a new 555 Wh battery. However, you can only buy the 500 program in Switzerland - they happen to be illegal everywhere else. In fact, your choice of BionX system will be dictated with what is legal where you live, as you will see from the list of BionX motors below.

Some people scoff at BionX because they cannot buy a 500W system, aside from a 750W. However, in my experience, almost nobody requirements that much power. You’ll get great electric assistance from the 250W and the 350W systems, both which are awesome. I have personally possessed and ridden both devices for years, and if you ask me you simply cannot go wrong with BionX. You will find a range of selections of the 350W, along with choices of numerous battery styles. BionX promises that the S 350 DV system offers you superior power and a variety up to 135 km.

Please see my content on How to Figure out the Range of your Electric Bike. I’ll believe a range of 135 km when I ride it one day.

However, in case that sounds too negative - I love BionX and believe they are just about the most awesome inventions of contemporary times. In fact I love all good electrical bikes, and the BionX electronic bike kit is certainly one of the best. The engine is certainly a sealed unit, a geared, brushless engine that will require no maintenance and only keeps going, apparently permanently. I’ve never but had one malfunction.

I came across the 250W engine was exquisite for everyday commuting without various hills, as the 350W was ideal for an extended commute with really steep hills.

On the other hand, if you are a swiftness demon or have to climb massive hills, it is possible that you will find the 350 W under-powered, and could want to choose a 750 W bike (which is legal in America).

The New Mountain Method for BionX motors

A recent innovation in BionX may be the ‘Mountain Mode’. That is designed to optimize performance found in alpine terrain. BionX recommends that the Mountain Method should be activated right at the start of an extended uphill, and will offer you optimal performance, sustaining your switch on to the top of the hill. They declare that it is not a ‘Level 5’ of assistance; rather, this is a different setting.

Another innovation on the BionX can be an LED touch port about the battery. You just swipe your finger slowly over the touch port; the slot will illuminate showing you the charge status of the battery:

100-75 % = Green
75-20 % = Amber
< 20% = Red

The cool thing is that as the BionX electric bike system is indeed silent, people often don’t even understand you possess an assist. Especially simply because the engine is covered in the trunk wheel, therefore that, the fact which you have an aid isn’t blatantly obvious.

BionX Electric Bike Packages - a really Great System

The end result is that the BionX electric bike kit is a good electric bike system. You merely retrofit your existing cycle with a fresh back wheel (which includes the motor built in), a battery, and a gaming system to control everything. Or you fork out a bike store to retrofit it.

You still have the beautiful feel of regular biking (although the motorcycle will be a lot heavier). And you can cycle without assistance once you want, such as for example on flats or downhills.

Benefits of Having a BionX Electric power Bike Kit

With BionX you will end up be pedaling and accumulating a sweat - nevertheless, you should be able to cycle a lot faster, and get right up hills with ease if you use level 4 assistance. The machine lets you build-up your fitness, health and power, without exhausting yourself. If your commute isn’t also hard and you utilize a lot of assistance, you can find to work without having to be sweaty.

For me the best advantage is that I bike a lot more often than I’d if I did not have the BionX PL-350 electric bike kit. BionX produces cycling fun.

In fact, research obviously implies that electric bikes cause most people - especially women - to cycle much more.

My BionX electric motorcycle kit also makes it possible for me to manage my very long commute, with lots of hills. Interestingly, study shows that persons who buy electrical bikes will probably get fitter than persons who buy standard bikes, because they’re likely to utilize them much more sometimes and for longer rides. So electric bicycle riders are receiving prolonged, regular aerobic fitness exercise, which is pretty much a prescription once and for all cardiovascular health.

Many people like electrical bikes because they are able to cycle to work without getting too sweaty, through the use of maximum assist. Then along the way home, they are able to use minimal help get a large amount of exercise and build up a sweat - in that case like a shower when they get home!

Another advantage is that following the initial really large income outlay, a BionX electrical bike kit is quite, very cheap to run. The electricity it requires to charge is indeed minor that you’ll not be able to find it on your own electricity bill.

Different types of BionX Motors

The brand new BionX motors are even bigger than before, so forget about being ‘stealth’. Personally We don’t care at about staying stealth. I’m like yeah, it’s an electric bike - manage it. I am also not secretive about my electric toothbrush, or my car (which has a MUCH bigger electric motor than my electric cycle). And I shamelessly take elevators every day, in public areas. And I am regularly seen on buses and trains. In short, I am more comfortable with being viewed to use machines that produce things easier for humans, and my electric bicycle is no exception!

The brand new BionX motors are even bigger than before, so just forget about being ‘stealth’. This is a good Surly Troll with BionX electric power bike system and Dynamo Light System


It is the original BionX motor, utilizing a brushless DC hub motor technology.

Nominal power: 200W (AU & UK), 250W (EU), 350W (NA)
Torque: 9/40Nm (6.6/29lb-ft)
Weight: 4.7 kg (10.4 lb)
NEW: cassette body, compatible with 8/9/10 speed cassettes from Shimano or perhaps SRAM


The S-Series engine is 25% lighter compared to the P-Series motor, with the same performance.

Nominal power: 200W (AU & UK), 250W (EU), 350W (NA)
Torque: 9/40 Nm (6.6/29lb-ft)
Weight: 3.5kg (7.7 lb)
Compatible with 8/9/10 speed cassettes from Shimano or SRAM


The latest and hottest BionX engine, the D-series is said to further advance the BionX engine, being extremely sporty, lightweight and powerful.

Nominal power: 200W (AU & UK), 250W (EU), 500W (NA)
Torque: 25/50 Nm (18.4/36.9lb-ft)
Weight: 4.0kg (8.8 lb)
Brushless, gearless
Generate mode for energy recuperation
Integrated torque sensor

Important Thing on the BionX Electric Bike Kit

I’ve ridden this motorcycle non-give up through many rainy winters, and actually once got caught in snow. When that occurred the BionX electric cycle preserved me, because my crank shaft frose up thus much that I possibly could not pedal, but my BionX electric motorcycle kept right on going like it was nothing (it was born in Montreal, after all).

BionX electric bike products are tough, reliable, top quality, high performing, strong, reliable and cheap to run. Backed by a two-year warranty, these kits are expensive to get, but offer cheap, healthy transport after getting them. They are worthwhile every cent. I would unreservedly recommend BionX electrical bike products to anyone who is challenged in their cycling by lengthy distances, extremely steep terrain, or almost any health issue. Or just someone who really wants to go back home quickly without the strain of traveling or transit. It’s a way to continue to keep on cycling for almost anyone, regardless of what, and that’s a beautiful thing.