10 Most Significant Things About Bike Commuting

Hint #1 for Bike Commuting: Route Planning

Work out a safe route before you start. This can have a while, because many paths don’t show up on maps. It’s well worth while spending a lot of time on this. It can help if you start by getting a detailed bike way map, as that is a great starting place. But don’t follow it blindly - in some cases there are parts of the route where a parallel road or path is quieter, or fewer steep. Take time to make an effort some different options. Also, try to speak to other cyclists who’ve experience of cycling in the region. They are likely to have some great tips on the safest routes. All of this will assist you to body out the best possible way. Next, memorize it. That may produce your first evening of bike commuting easier.

Hint #2 for Bike Commuting: Backup Plan

Have a backup program - ultimately, something will go wrong. This could end up being a simple flat tire, but it could also be a destroyed axle, or a medical problem. So either have a cell phone and a debit card, or have an excellent repair kit and understand how to utilize it. Read my history here, about how the auto Association failed to be a good backup plan for me.

Personally I count on a debit card and a cellphone (and frequently, Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist). I understand a man who cannot also walk without assistance, but he can ride a bike. He possesses cell mobile and a debit card, hence if the bike reduces, he has an out. I was biking with him once when that took place, and within 10 minutes he and his cycle experienced disappeared in a cab! If you like to carry tools and fix things like a flat tire, check out this video that shows how straightforward fixing a set can be:

Tip #3 for Bicycle Commuting: Bike Lights

Have bike lamps in front and lower back of your cycle. (Best to have two models of lights, including backup lights. Here’s my complete guide to bike lights for those who are preparing to bike commuting.) And use the lights throughout the day time too, just as persons do with autos. A bus driver once told me that he enjoys it when cyclists work with day-time lighting, because he can easily see them from two blocks a way - rather than struggling to note them until he is almost along with them. That statement switched me into an immediate proponent of day-time lighting on bikes!

Tip #4 for Bike Commuting: Organizing Your Clothes

Find an organized approach to keep a way to obtain clean business clothing at work (I once possessed to spend the primary hour of my working day buying slacks and having their hem adopted - the alternative of travelling in tights all day long could have been cruel and uncommon punishment for my co-workers). Some bike commuters travel to work once weekly, attracting a week’s supply of clean clothes. Read Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist’s techniques for women bike commuters, which discusses the things it is advisable to get in place if you would like to bike to job and still seem groomed and professional.

Buy waterproof cycling gear. Unfortunately, don’t assume all cycling day will probably be perfect weather. Even so, cycling in the torrential rain can end up being quite pleasant when you are properly dressed.

Tip #5 for Motorcycle Commuting: Be Ready for Rain

Buy waterproof cycling equipment. No one really wants to become wet to your skin while cycling to function. Here’s my extremely popular post that tells you everything you need to learn about waterproof cloth, and compares the 7 greatest waterproof cycling jackets. And here is my post about the very best waterproof cycling gear, including jackets, trousers, and gloves.

Tip #6 for Cycle Commuting: Assume Blindness

Assume that all motorists possess a disability that avoids them from witnessing cyclists, and dress and ride accordingly (glowing clothes, bright lamps, and defensive cycling).

Tip #7 for Motorcycle Commuting: Cycle just like you Are Invisible

Even when you are doing everything in simply no. 6, continue steadily to assume that motorists are natural stone blind. Cycle just like you are invisible - just because a great deal of enough time, you are.

Ride safely and abide by the guidelines of the road. If you can find a separated motorcycle lane, use it!

Tip #8 for Motorcycle Commuting: Be Predicatable

Ride safely and stick to the rules of the street. Don’t do anything sudden, such as riding on the wrong side of the road, because that exponentially increases the chance of an accident.

Tip #9 for Bike Commuting: Avoid Rush Hour

Try to ride beyond peak rush hours, when you can. It’s much safer, plus much more fun. There’s nothing quite like a bike drive in the crisp hours of a perfect dawn - with no one else around!

Tip #10 for Cycle Commuting: Get yourself a Decent Bike

Have a decent top quality bike - no person can succeed at bike commuting on a clunker. The motorcycle above is my very own commuter bike, create for success with all the current necessities for secure bike commuting: lighting, rack, fenders, rear look at mirror and bell. Try to buy the best quality commuter bike you can afford, and make certain to system it out with security essentials.

Not many people use rear view mirrors, that i find extraordinary. I usually use a mirror, and it has got saved me from harm more than once.

Onetime I was minding my very own business in the motorcycle lane, when I noticed in my mirror a jeep was thundering up right behind me. He had taken a left convert too wide, and finished up in the bicycle lane. Seeing him in my own mirror gave me a couple of seconds to bounce onto the sidewalk. Staying hit from behind is certainly one of the most common methods to be seriously injured on a bicycle, and I avoided it that day simply because I got a mirror. Sure, I possibly could hear the jeep behind me, but there is tons of traffic around, and I experienced no reason to start looking behind me to check out if among those noisy cars was in fact in the bike lane! Despite having a road bike or tricross bicycle, you may get a Mirrorcycle which suits into the bar end. You wouldn’t drive with out a rear viewpoint mirror, so why cycle without one?

I never commute with out a back mirror. The Mirrorcycle suits into the drops, and can be rotated to suit your riding position

Get a bike that functions for you. For example, for those who have back challenges, a recumbent may be the ideal solution.

Assuming you have back problems, a recumbent could possibly be the way to go. This man has got been commuting on his recumbent bicycle every day for many years.

Or, you might carry out better with a good comfortable upright bicycle. Maggie enjoys her upright motorcycle, and the fact that it’s stage through, so she can ride it while wearing a skirt.

Maggie loves her upright motorcycle, and the fact that it is step through, as a result she can ride it while wearing a good skirt.

Or when you are out of condition or physically challenged (poor knees, heart disease, etc.), consider getting an electric bike. (Here’s my blog page with reviews of wonderful electric powered bikes.) You can even now get a lot of exercise, but it will be less intense. (Reading here about the surprising number of calorie consumption you can burn up on a power bike.)

As for obtaining the right bike - bear in mind that it is possible to get great bargains online, such as Craigslist, because so various persons buy bikes with good intentions, and then don’t use them.